Welcome to Day 15 of BLOGMAS! Fun fact, I’ve never actually done a ‘What’s in My Bag’ post before, I finally had a little sort out and winter-fied my handbag, so I thought I’d share its (totally uninteresting) contents with you. THE BAG This bag is actually from River Island, it’s a satchel that you can also wear as a backpack. It has a large front pocket inside the satchel (it perfectly fits my MK purse) and a small zip… View Post

Welcome to Day 14 of BLOGMAS! At the weekend I decided to bake myself up some Mince Pies! I’m actually gluten intolerant and I’m yet to crack making a good gluten free pastry that doesn’t break into 6024 pieces and isn’t impossible to use! I therefore opted for the shop bought gluten free pastry (which got substituted in my grocery order – normally I buy a block, not a rolled out sheet, but it did make the process quicker!) I’ve… View Post

Welcome to Day 13 of BLOGMAS! You don’t need much of an excuse to give yourself a good pamper at this time of year! With temperatures reaching below zero, my skin has definitely taken a bit of a battering and needs some extra TLC. I’ve devised my perfect Winter Pamper Routine as a pick me up in the dark early evenings. RUN A BUBBLE BATH The perfect starting point for any pamper evening always has to be running a huge… View Post

Welcome to Day 12 of BLOGMAS! It’s well known that sometimes it can be pretty hard to get into the festive spirit and get the excitement rolling for Christmas. It might be that you’re tied up with work until Christmas Eve, you’re busy doing 6000 other things, or you’re just not really in the mood for Christmas. I wanted to list down a few ideas that might help you get into the festive spirit, if you’re not already! BUY SOME… View Post

Welcome to Day 11 of BLOGMAS! I can’t believe how quickly we are getting through Blogmas! Today I’ve created a makeup look that I’m going to be wearing to my Christmas Party this week, hopefully this can give you a bit of inspiration for your Christmas party this year! I started by priming my whole face with the Too Faced HangoveRx Primer, it’s good to let this primer settle into your skin a little bit before applying foundation. I then… View Post